Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Learn how to use Bamboo Blinds to create an Outdoor Haven

Can Bamboo Blinds be used outdoors?

Yes. Bamboo is a robust material that resists moisture, including from rain and water spray. This makes it very suitable for outdoor use. Our Outdoor Bamboo Blinds are ideal for providing privacy, shade and protection on verandahs and balconies, and around spas and swimming pool areas.

Which Bamboo Blind materials are suitable for outdoor use?

Our entire Classic Range, as well as our Matchstick, Woven and Raw Bamboo ranges (Natural and Painted) are suitable for use outdoors. Each offers varied features and benefits. For example our Woven Bamboo blocks 95% of light, so it’s ideal for providing full privacy and shade. Matchstick meanwhile filters light and wind and may be better for breezy areas. We’ll advise you which material best suits your own personal needs.

Bamboo handles wet weather
Classic Bali

Can Bamboo Blinds get wet?

Yes. Bamboo is a hard-wearing, moisture resistant material. However the fittings used to make the blind must be equally hard-wearing and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

All our blinds fulfill these requirements, and they’re covered by a 5 Year Warranty. So you can be confident that, as long as blinds are kept rolled down until they’re dry, your Bamboo Blinds will withstand moisture and look great for many years to come.

Do Bamboo Blinds keep heat out?

Yes, Bamboo Blinds can reduce the heat entering your home. You can control the amount of heat you keep out by careful choice of colour and bamboo material, and we can advise you.

Bamboo Blinds Australia offers a custom outdoor paint colour service. This not only protects the material, extending its life, but allows you to choose from a range of colours that reflect heat.

White is the most heat-reflective colour, while black will absorb heat (which might be useful in some areas!). Our custom paint service also means we can match absolutely any colour to suit your exterior colour scheme.

Blue Matchstick Ext Verandah 768px
Custom colour Matchstick
White Matchstick Ext Verandah 786px
White painted Matchstick

Do Bamboo Blinds keep wind out?

Our Bamboo Blinds can be trimmed to fit tightly around the structure they are covering. And they can be fitted with blind tie downs to hold them in place and keep the blinds from swinging. This makes them ideal for protecting your outdoor spaces from wind. In stormy weather, we naturally recommend rolling your blinds up, as would be recommended for most other exterior blind products. 

The bamboo material we use is of the highest quality. The more open structured materials, (such as Matchstick and Raw Bamboo) filter the wind, similar to the effect of trees and shrubs. Why is that important? Filtering the wind slows the airflow, protecting your outdoor areas, without creating gusts. Whereas blinds that fully block wind and airflow are more prone to damage and noise because of their full blocking effect.

Tie DownsCloseUp400px 1
Classic Tortoiseshell Outdoor Bamboo Blind

How to stop blinds blowing in the wind

We install outdoor blind tie-downs to hold blinds in position. Tie-downs allow you to use your blinds to reduce the effects of wind and create a more comfortable outdoor space while protecting your home wares and furniture from dust and damage.

Can you cut Bamboo Blinds?

Yes, this is one of the useful characteristics of our bamboo material – it can be cut to fit tightly around structures making our blinds excellent for filtering wind and providing privacy.

Because we can shape the material to fit neatly around awkward obstructions, it means we can custom fit precisely to almost any opening. 

Cutting bamboo blind material is a skilled technique demanding quality tools, steady hands and an accurate eye.

Classic natural outdoor bamboo blind
Classic Natural

Where are Bamboo Blinds often used?

  • On balconies and verandahs.
  • Around spas and swimming pool areas.
  • For BBQ’s and outdoor eating areas.
  • To screen-off areas; for example to protect an outdoor laundry area.
  • On the external side of windows and doors.
  • Around pergolas.

Does pool or spa water damage Bamboo Blinds?

No. Because bamboo resists water, heat, chlorine and salt, spa water doesn’t damage our Bamboo Blinds. Bleach, chlorine and salt will not damage the structure of our Bamboo Blinds. In fact, bleach can be used to clean away mold and dirt from the blinds. So Bamboo is a great choice for providing privacy for an outdoor spa.

How to clean outdoor bamboo blinds: Simply hose them down and leave them down to dry.

Natural Bamboo blinds providing privacy and protection for a pergola

We have been making, supplying and installing Custom Bamboo Outdoor Blinds since 1987. Countless numbers of blinds have been installed in gardens, on verandahs, around pools and in barbecue areas, providing shelter, shade and privacy.

Our decades of experience is at your disposal, helping you when choosing a blind for your needs.

How to Measure for Outdoor Blinds

We have a series of measuring guides you can download now, showing you, step-by-step, how to measure your windows, doors and openings for custom bamboo blinds.

Free In-home Consultation

Our advice is ideally to select materials in the space and light where they’ll  be installed. That way you’ll get a good idea of how the colour, texture and material opacity works in the surroundings before deciding. Plus you’ll get expert advice and a custom service that offers fabulous value. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation on-site measure and quote in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Still looking for inspiration? Visit your local showroom (by appointment) or call us in Melbourne or Brisbane

Classic Natural
Classic Tortoiseshell

The Bamboo Blind material we use to make our blinds can certainly withstand the harsh Australian outdoor climate, and for many years. In fact, all our blinds are covered by a 5 year warranty.

All our Outdoor Bamboo Blind Materials will last for many years and still look great. The secret to the longevity of your Outdoor Bamboo Blinds is leaving them open to dry fully before rolling them up. 

How to retract large outdoor blinds

Remote motorised control of bamboo blinds

Our blinds can be motorised and operated by remote control, which is ideal for large blinds or inaccessible installations. Otherwise, they are manually operated using the cord.

Extra large Outdoor Blinds

The length of our blinds is limited only by the need to ensure easy operation. For example, we’ve made blinds that are 3 metres long, and sometimes longer. We’ve installed blinds metres high on glass roofs. It all depends on the application.

If you have a need for unusually large blinds, talk to us – we can often supply the size you need. We can also provide a solution for operating them. For example, the motorisation systems we offer can be used outdoors.

Why choose Bamboo Blinds for Outdoors?

 All the reasons in brief:

  • Our Outdoor Bamboo Blinds are durable and last for many years.
  • We offer a low-cost Aftercare Service – fixtures and fittings such as the cord and pulleys can be replaced at minimal cost (particularly useful for blinds fitted outdoors).
  • Our custom paint option allows you to select colours to either reflect or absorb heat, thereby controlling temperature.
  • The custom exterior paint we use can extend the life of the blind even further.
  • Our blinds protect outdoor areas from weather because they’re well fitted and customised to shape.
  • Our blinds can control wind by filtering airflow.
  • They suit almost any style from contemporary to period and everything in-between.
  • Blinds can cover large areas because of the size of our material.
  • Very large, heavier blinds can be motorised for ease of use.
  • They can be installed in out-of-reach areas, and operated by motorised remote control, for example on glass roofs.
  • They never go out of style.
Bamboo Natural Reverse Valance

Why are our Bamboo Blinds more expensive?

5YearWarrantyColour@2x e1553128386274
  • Bamboo Blinds Australia‘s blinds are custom-made by hand in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • We use superior quality materials and construction techniques.
  • All our blinds are covered by our 5 year warranty.
  • All our blinds are custom made from a wide selection of materials and an endless range of colours to create exactly the look you want.
  • Every blind is made exactly to size. In fact our skilled blind makers can cut the blind to fit neatly around obstructions (as shown below).
Tie DownsCloseUp400px 1 e1630744564530
Custom fitting
  • The bamboo material we use is made with long-lasting synthetic thread, unlike the majority of imported Bamboo Blinds which are made with cotton thread.
  • Cotton thread is unsuitable for outdoor use in Australia and will perish. In contrast, the synthetic thread we use makes our blinds durable enough for long-term outdoor use.
  • Our operating cord is made of polyester for the same reason
  • The timber we use for the top and bottom rails of our blinds is high quality square-checked KD hardwood, preventing the blind from warping and bending.
Bamboo blind Pulley wheel
  • Our pulleys are fitted with a larger wheel, with a smooth-running action, reducing wear on the cord and making operation quiet and smooth.
  • We believe the difference is in the detail. For example, we always colour match our cord to the colour of the blind.
  • We offer a range of accessories for outdoor use.
  • Our maintenance and repair service is available to make sure your blinds last. Fixtures and fittings can be replaced. For example, the cords and pulleys can be replaced at minimal cost, which is particularly useful for blinds fitted outdoors. This means that our outdoor blinds last for many years, even decades, and still look good. 

Outdoor Bamboo Blinds Material Range


Natural Bamboo material swatch
Natural Bamboo
Tortoiseshell Black Stitch material swatch
Tortoiseshell Black Stitch
Tortoiseshell Brown Stitch material swatch
Tortoiseshell Brown Stitch
Bali (new) material sample
Bali 2




Matchstick Natural material swatch
Matchstick White material swatch
White (painted)*
Raw Bamboo Natural material swatch
Raw Bamboo Material White
White (painted)*
Woven Bamboo Natural material swatch
Woven Bamboo White material swatch
White (painted)*

*Custom paint colour option also available.
Note: The material photos shown are an indication of colour but there will be inaccuracies due to lighting, viewing equipment and the photography process. Use them as a guide, then call us for an in-home or on-site appointment, or visit our showroom to view the full range of materials. Be aware that bamboo is a natural product and shades may vary depending on the substrate and batch.
Ideally you should select by viewing the material of the product itself, in the location where it’s to be installed. Call us now to arrange your free, no obligation on-site measure and quote.



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