Custom Made Matchstick Blinds
Matchstick Blind 'Charcoal'
Matchstick Charcoal material swatch
Matchstick 'Charcoal'
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Custom Made Matchstick Blinds

Contemporary to classic, rustic to minimalist; our range of handcrafted Australian custom made Matchstick Blinds suits all designs, indoors and outdoors

Custom Made Matchstick Blinds
Custom Made Matchstick Blind in 'Charcoal'

Custom Made Matchstick Blinds

From contemporary to classic, rustic to minimalist, our range of handcrafted Australian custom made Matchstick Blinds suits all designs, indoors and outdoors

Matchstick Charcoal material swatch
Matchstick 'Charcoal'
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For our Melbourne and Victoria Customers

Come and See Our Range

We have showrooms in Brisbane and Melbourne where you can view our range of blinds and window coverings.

Bamboo Blinds showroom
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White Matchstick Ext Verandah
White Matchstick Ext Verandah
Blue Matchstick Ext Verandah
Blue Matchstick Ext Verandah
Roll up natural
Roll up configuration

Colour 'Natural'

Roman Charcoal
Roman configuration

Colour 'Charcoal'

External Screening
External Screening

Roll up blind, colour 'White', external use


Colour 'Charcoal'

Roman Natural
Roman configuration

Colour 'Natural'

External custom colour

Screening blinds, custom colour, external use

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Choose Your Style

Our Matchstick Blinds can be used indoors or outdoors. The blind material is ideal for outdoor screening and can be made into roll-up, or roman style (indoors only).

Remote device for motorised operation of blinds
Motorised blind remote
Edge Binding on White Woven roman Blind
Edge binding option

Inaccessible Windows

Our blinds can be motorised and operated by remote control, which is ideal for large blinds or inaccessible installations.

Optional Accessories

For the ultimate in blind customisation, take a look at our blind accessories.

Make Use of Our Experience

Take advantage of our free in-home consultation, measure and quote.
Selecting materials and designs in the general surroundings where they’re to be installed, helps you make the best decisions for the very best result.

Photo of Denis Keating and Marcus Tilley

Get Our Advice

5 Year Warranty

Our warranty covers your product and your installation. It reflects our confidence in the quality of both.

Matchstick Colours

Matchstick Natural material swatch
Natural or Clear Lacquered
Matchstick Golden Oak material swatch
Golden Oak (stained)
Matchstick Walnut material swatch
Walnut (stained)
Matchstick White material swatch
White (*painted).
Custom paint colour
option also available.
Matchstick Charcoal material swatch
Charcoal (stained)

*Suitable for outdoor use.

Note: The material photos shown are an indication of colour but there will be inaccuracies due to lighting, viewing equipment and the photography process. Use them as a guide, then call us for an in-home or on-site appointment, or visit our showroom to view the full range of materials. Be aware that bamboo is a natural product and shades may vary depending on the substrate and batch.
Ideally you should select by viewing the material of the product itself, in the location where it’s to be installed. Call us now to arrange your free, no obligation on-site measure and quote.

Order or Get a Quote

Bamboo Blinds Australia 5 Year Product & Installation Warranty

Our 5 year warranty is comprehensive. It covers everything with just three exceptions:

  • Goods ordered and supplied outside of the standard specifications.
  • Alterations and incorrect installation not carried out by Bamboo Blinds Australia.
  • Movement of the structure inside which the product is installed or attached.

Note that if there are specific warranty limitations relating to a product or specification you’re considering, we will discuss those with you at the time of quoting.

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