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Matchstick Blinds in Australia

Bamboo Blinds Australia supplies and installs matchstick blinds for residential and commercial areas throughout Australia.

Made-to-Measure Matchstick Blinds

Matchstick blinds carry a unique texture and classic look that will suit any interior or exterior decor perfectly.

At Bamboo Blinds Australia we boast an array of matchstick blinds that can be easily customised to meet the requirements of your space.

Add a tropical feel to your home or office by getting your matchstick window coverings installed by our experts.

Matchstick blinds that are easily customised to meet the requirements of your space

Matchstick Blinds Australia
Matchstick Blinds Australia

Wood Blinds

Matchstick blinds are perfect window coverings for Australian residents looking to reduce their use of air conditioning and fans. Our matchstick blinds at Bamboo Blinds Australia are long-lasting, eco-friendly and custom-made.

Visit us in our showroom, we also stock a variety of other woven and natural wood designs. We’ll be happy to walk you through our huge inventory of window coverings.

Wide variety of woven and natural wood blinds available


 We stock a variety of blinds:

  • Painted bamboo
  • Natural wood 
  • Woven wood
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Horizon
  • Matchstick
  • Raw bamboo

For more information about our matchstick blinds,