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Timber Blinds – Natural Timber Blinds, Stylish and Functional

Timber BlindsTimber blinds are one of the most desired window furnishings in the world. In an age where sustainability is important, the use of natural materials is becoming increasingly important. Natural Timber blinds are:

  • Friendly to the environment
  • Have stylish functionality
  • Allow light control
  • Allow privacy
  • Allow insulation for your home.

No matter what climate you live in, timber blinds will be an effective solution for your home. If you live in areas with hot sun or experience chilly winters, timber blinds will be a winner for you.

The insulation properties of timber blinds will keep you cool in the summer and will help lock in the heat when in the winter providing a versatile blind that can be used in all environments.

What maintenance is required ?

Timber blinds are easily maintained and help keep a clean and healthy home as they do not build up dust like some fabric blind alternatives. Timber blinds can be easily cleaned using the following steps:

  • Using a duster
  • Using a vaccum cleaner

This is very basic and easy to do as the blinds do not have to be taken down.

Products that we offer that use timber are:

  • Woven timber blinds
  • Cedar venetian blinds
  • Basswood venetian blinds and jarrah image venetian blinds which use plantation basswood which helps minimize environmental impact.

These are all used internally.

Woven Timber blinds create a casual but classy window furnishing. This material has excellent insulating properties as well as providing privacy. It is also very durable which means it will be a successful solution for window coverings within your home.

Woven timber blinds can be:

  • Natural,
  • Clear Lacquered
  • Stained Teak
  • Stained Golden Oak
  • Stained Walnut
  • Painted to any colour you like. If painting you will need to provide the brand, colour and finish required.

With such an array options to choose from with this material there is something to suit every room in the house.

Cedar venetian blinds are a very popular product and come in a variety of slat sizes. Danish Oil Finish is standard, however clear lacquer and paint finishes are available at an additional cost.

Please note cedar can vary greatly in colour and blades within your blinds may have differing grain patterns and colours. This difference in texture and colour does mean that you will be able to use these blinds to match or to compliment existing décor within your home.

Basswood venetians and jarrah image venetians come with a number of different slat sizes. Blades are UV lacquered to ensure long lasting gloss finishes.

In summary, timber blind products provide a stylish and versatile window covering for your home.

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