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Security Doors MelbourneAshwood Security Doors Melbourne are able to supply and install the following items throughout Melbourne:

Security is a concern for most people in the world that we live in. This does not mean that a secure home has to an unattractive home. In more recent times security door designs have continued to develop. More options and more designs are readily available and security screen doors do not just resemble metal bars that remind you of a prison.

When looking for security doors there are a number of key factors to consider. Security doors can be used for a number of reasons:

  • Provide security and peace of mind for your home
  • To allow the breeze to flow through in summer without having your home open to the public
  • To create a barrier that allows that breeze in but helps stop the free reign of pets and children in and out of the house.

Whatever your reasoning you can usually find a design that will blend in with the surrounding décor of your home.

We offer a number of security door and security screen door options. These consist of:

  • Steel Frames
  • Aluminium Security Doors
  • Galvanised Steel Frames

Within these categories there are plenty of colours and designs to choose from. All doors come standard with:

  • Single point whitco snib lock and two keys. The exception to this is for a sliding aluminium screen door, where a basic latch is used.
  • Mesh of your choice
  • Door closer
  • Black handle.

Additional items that can be considered are:

  • Frame Upgrade – Steel outer frames can be used for added security
  • Kick plate – some doors come standard with a kick plate, if not we can easily add one for you
  • Half Panels – for added protection against weather and pets
  • Pet Entrance – available any size.

So for a great range of security doors Melbourne please contact us on 03 9807 2487. Don’t forget we supply and install which makes our service exceptionally convenient and great value.

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