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Roman Blinds

Designed with a number of options available, Roman Blinds are suitable for most window applications. They are a stylish and affordable option.

We have many different types of materials to choose from in all colours and designs that supply the Sunscreen, Light Filtering or Blockout effects.

Roman Blinds can be further enhanced by adding cedar battens. This range is known as the Islander. Battens are available in a light, medium or dark colour allowing you to match your window furnishing to existing décor.

Roman Blinds can be operated using a cord that can be tied off onto a cleat, or a cord lock system is also available. A further option worth considering is a chainwinder system.

Breakaway safety tassles are used on all blinds in compliance with the relevant child safety regulations. With the chainwinder operation a chain tension device is provided.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a quote on our range of Roman Blinds.