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Patio Blinds – Bamboo, A Unique and Natural Look For Your Patio Blinds

Patio Blinds
Patio blinds can be used all year round. They will help:

  • Stop the heat and UV rays from reaching your home and entertainment areas
  • Control Light
  • Block Wind
  • Block Rain

Materials within our décor range that can be used as patio blinds are unique and offer an alternative to more commonly used patio blind products.

These are natural bamboo and tortoiseshell, which are apart of our bamboo blinds range.

Additional to that our PVC blinds range which is entitled ‘Horizon.’ Our horizon range consists of light filtering materials and a material that can be used to create a blockout blind.

Where are these blinds used?

Used extensively in areas such as:

  • Patios
  • Exterior windows
  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Deckings
  • Carports
  • Roofs

Our outdoor blinds help create an amazing feel in and around all external living areas.

The natural bamboo and tortoiseshell blinds provide a natural alternative to many other patio blinds products on the market as they are made from a renewable resource. Bamboo is a species that is found in diverse environments and is among the fastest growing plants, capable of growing 60 centimetres or more in one day.

This type of patio blind helps reduce heat greatly, helping to create an energy efficient and eco friendly home.

As mentioned above, our horizon range consists of two main types of materials, light filtering and blockout. Our light filtering range consists of three different colours. These are coffee, camel and white. Our blockout material comes in the camel colour and resembles the look of blinds such as woven timber and woven bamboo blinds.

Operation & Key Features

These patio blinds are easy to roll up and come with:

  • Solid timber headrail
  • Locking pulleys
  • Nylon operating cords
  • Pre-drilled fixing holes
  • Valance which covers all workings.

They are a smooth operating blind which can be stopped at any level and can be easily rolled up out of the way when not in use. The stitching on the material is tetron, as opposed to cotton which you will often find on cheaper alternatives, meaning it will stand up well to the elements that are faced in the great outdoors and will allow you to enjoy years of satisfaction with these blinds.

What maintenance is required?

Maintenance of these blinds is fairly basic. The most basic, but most important tip is to ensure that in the event of your blinds getting wet, that they are left down all the way until fully dry. If this is not done, mould can build up. We also recommend that blinds are not left down in times as high winds and storms as they can be damaged. We do have a tie down option which can be used in certain applications.

We also offer a budget alternative by offering ready made standard size blinds. Sizes are limited. These offer a quick and cheap alternative but quality is not of a high level and lifespan is often short.

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