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How do I measure my windows ?

Easy Step by Step way to measure your windows

1. Use a steel tape measure
2. Measure using mm
3. Record width first, then the drop. Eg. 1231 wide x 1791 drop
4. Decide where your blind will hang. There are two options – Face Fix or Recess.

Face Fix

Bamboo Blinds - Cool, convenient and stylish

Cool, convenient and stylish

The blind will be attached to the face of the architrave. You need to measure from the edge of one side to the edge of the other side, for the width. For the drop, measure where you want the top of the blind to be attached to and where you want the bottom of the blind to hang to. You need to take into consideration window sills, the floor, window frame etc.


The blind will hang inside the window frame. You need to measure exactly from one edge to the other edge on the inside of your frame. This is called the hard measure. Do this for the drop also. When you give us the measurements make sure you tell us it’s a “hard” measurement and we will make the necessary allowances.

5. Have a look where you want to hang your blind and make sure there are no restrictions. Things to look for include window locks, window winders, benches/showers screens etc protruding the window frame, door knobs if attaching blinds to a door.

6. Decide which side you would like the operating cords to be on. Remember, for venetians there is a tilting wand and a lift which can be same side or one each side.

How Do I Install ?

We can arrange installation of your new blinds by one of our experienced installers. Alternatively you can install them yourself, which requires only minimal tools and basic handyman skills. To assist you with installation of the bamboo blinds here are a few important points to follow. For all other blinds ask for instructions when ordering.

Valance Blinds
The headrail on the blind has holes pre-drilled for both face fix onto architrave or ceiling fix into the recess of the window frame. Screws and cleats are included. For ceiling fix installation, allow clearance (about 5mm) on each side for blind to roll up and down. Screw the blind straight onto surface. After screwing the blind on, allow the valance to fall down in front and cover all the workings.

Non Valance Blinds
Line up the blind in position in which it is to be fixed. Mark the position of the pulley hooks with a pencil. Drill a small hole and screw in screw hooks. Hang the blinds.

Operation of Pulleys
All pulleys are self locking. To lock the blind at any height, pull the cord slightly to the outside of the blind and let go. To release, pull the cord slightly downwards and towards the middle of the blind. This releases the cord from the teeth of the pulley and the blind will roll down by gravity.

What Maintenance is required ?

Generally inside blinds will require only a light vacuum.
Do not roll up outside blinds when damp or wet. Wait until dry and then roll up.